Saturday, 1 January 2011


FRED LYN SEACROFT WHEELERS report on Jodrell Bank Cyclosportive 2010

courtesy of Seacroft Wheelers

Jodrell Bank, Sun 14 March.

Fred Lyn's observations on the 80 mile sportive in the shadow of the famous space telescope.
"Mostly flat, largely cloudy and very windy - not to mention fast.
Very well signed course and good feed stations - although I would have preferred icing on the fairy cakes!!
I was on 19s by half way, having got with a small group of decent riders and then flayed myself for a few miles with an elite bunch, before deciding that I would blow up big time if I tried to keep that up, so eased off.
Then suffered the consequences and got cramp at 50 miles and suffered from there on - which, coincidentally, was the 'hilly part'.
Took it easy and managed to get rid of it at around 70 miles, when we hit a couple of stretches of pavé and a level crossing and the banging about brought it back.
However, held it together and finished with 4h 39m odd for an official 17mph and 43rd out of 272 (incl 4 DNFs) finishers and fastest in the (unofficial) 56 and over category (20 finishers in that category - 8 in the 60 and over)
Pleased with it, really, as I wasn't lacking in energy and, had it not been for the cramp, would have carved several minutes off."