Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tip of the day (your never too old)

I don't know if any of your know my dad Neil Orrell. He's 73 I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning it. His claim to fame is that he jointly holds the record for the most number of times he's completed the Three Peaks Cyclo Cross Race. He also has a bike shop in New Moston Manchester and is a top custom frame builder.

Last year he had to have a hip replacement. He went on the internet and looked into the types of hips available and opted for the same one as Floyd Landis. He's already in training for a come back this year. As well as riding the Friday night Track league at the Manchester Velodrome he also runs the Association of Cycle Traders Monday night track league.

For any of your you might fancy a go at track racing you can follow the link below to their website. The league is for grass roots cyclists, 3rd 4th vets,schoolboys, school girls,and ladies. You do have to do an induction session with the coach at the track before you can start racing.

ACT Track League

Three Peaks Cyclo Cross