Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tip of the day (toilet rolls)

We have all been there, your desperate for the toilet you get into the cubicle sit down, you start doing your business then look up with desperation to see no toilet paper. If you are lucky you find a tissue in your pocket. Falling that you shout for help. Always take a toilet roll with you to any event not just cycling, most sports events are the same.

Its reminds me of two friends who were competing in a  2 up 25 mile time trial. One of them had taken a roll of toilet paper but the other hadn't.The one who hadn't taken anything was first in the queue and asked to borrow the roll. My friend duly obliged. 10 mins later his friend came out of the cubicle with any empty roll. Leaving him stood there desperately wanting to go to the toilet but now with no paper. They then had to ride this 25 mile time trial toghether my friend told me afterwards that they never spoke to each other through the whole ride.